Gold And Silver have always been a safe hedge against inflation as well as a good Investment.

When Buying Gold Bars you want to make sure that you are buying the Gold Bar with assay in tamper resistant package.

When Buying gold coins you want to make sure the weight is the same as what is stated by the government or mint that made them as well as the dimensions such as diameter and thickness.

When buying gold and silver it is always a good idea to have a strong rare earth magnet to insure it is not just plated metal.


Here at WFG Enterprises  we only sell Gold bars that meet the standards as above and all gold bars are sealed in a tamper resistant assay package/card.


We strive to sell at the best prices around.


As of today the 19th of October we now have Royal Canadian Mint Assayed Gold bars in their original assay package.

The price is Only $1,259.99 and that includes shipping to customers in the US.


We Prefer you use the Buy Now button on right but if you like we will accept Checks and Money order for the exact amount only. Check and money orders may take up to 10 days to clear.

If you want to use a check or money order contact us on contact page for email . Send us your request we will send you instructions.


Once payments are cleared whether using the Buy Now button or sending payment in we will ship your item within 2 to 3 days excluding Holidays.

We also at times have Diamonds and colored gems in our inventory so come back often to see whats new and what the latest prices are.


We will accept returns but the following apply: The item has to be in the unopened original package such as assay card as once the package is opened the assay becomes null and void and we will not accept return.. If returning we charge a 10% restock fee and only on the amount you paid. In other words even if gold is $3000 an ounce we will only make a refund less 10% on the price you paid when you made your purchase from us.

 When we receive your order and your payment has cleared we take a picture of the exact item we are shipping, We then take a picture of your item being placed in your addressed package and then a picture of package being sealed. The reason for all this security is it protects you as the buyer and us as the seller. Once all the above has been completed we will send you a email of the pictures as well as your tracking information.




Privacy Statement

We do not sell any of your private information at any time nor will we release any information to anyone at any time unless required by Law.