Man Kind has always been in love with finding hidden treasures include me and now I invite you to join others in finding real treasures that I have hidden. There will be treasure up dates on this page so come back often.



Hello My name is Bill I travel all the time and what started as a way to get people who go camping to have a little fun and help promote the idea of paying it forward by cleaning up the camp ground or place I camped; I would leave a note asking that whoever camped in the spot after me clean up after themselves. I then would stack my extra fire wood and by the fire pit leave a treasure map with clues of where I had hidden a small treasure like some old pennies the wheat back type or maybe a small vile of gold flake and sometimes foreign currency.

I had people write to me and tell me when they found the treasure and how much fun they had. I had a super good response with so many people asking  me to tell them where I would hide the next treasure, as in what area or state as I travel all over the Western United States. It has gotten to the point that I had to put this web site together and decided to form a club for treasure/camping enthusiast.

This has grown to be a big deal and as of today which is the 26th day of May 2014 I am heading out the door by May 30th and decided to take a road trip from Colorado into Utah down into Arizona then over to Nevada down to California and up through Arizona then through New Mexico over to Texas up through Oklahoma and part of Kansas then back to Colorado.

I expect my trip to take 3 weeks and during my trip I plan to stop at 50 different spots sometimes to camp sometimes to find a suitable location to leave a treasure well all stops I make I will leave a treasure.

The treasures I leave will be items such as a bag of silver coins, another silver coins with gold, another will be a gem stone bag with Emeralds and Rubies another will be one with Rubie, Diamond and Emerald, another will be with coins such as flying eagle pennies and Indian head pennies, another will be a gold ring with a stone mounted in it and a pearl necklace, another will be one pound of heavy gold plated military spec connector pins, another will be a mix of coins and gems with a pink diamond. and still yet another will be one with a 2 carat plus diamond and gold pins and sapphire.

Man that's a lot to hide. 

Between now and the time I get back I will be taking new members on through this web site. Yes you will have to join to get the clues of where I hide these treasures but it is only $5.95 to join and you can do it right through Pay Pal which is safe and secure and you can cancel any time as this will be an ongoing monthly thing.  Imagine when you are holding a pound of gold pins or a 2 carat diamond in the sunlight or a hand full of silver in your hands.... wow what an exciting thought!!

Sorry but I need to charge a modest amount because one the cost of fuel two the cost of the treasures and three I only want serious people who want to have fun.

Look at the pictures of some of the items I am hiding and you can see it is not just junk. The 2 carat diamond alone is worth up to $20,000.00, The coins can be worth up to $1,000 plus, to silver coins up to $1500,00 plus and as I finish up this trip and tell the people who have joined the clue I will be getting ready for my next trip to hide silver and gold coins, more gemstones like Aquamarine, Sapphire, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and more.

Gold is over $1150.00 an ounce and silver is over $19.00 an ounce.

When I hide the treasures I will leave contact information so you can let me know you found the treasure.

If enough people join then I will be hiding treasures all year and sending out updates that a new treasure has been hidden with clues.


Please remember to clean up after yourself, enjoy the nature and the hunt. Any holes you dig bury do not leave scars on the land. Do not dig up any plants as none of the treasures will be under any plant.

IMPORTANT: When I get back from my trip I will post a list of the treasures on a new page on this site. All you have to do is email me after you become a member and tell me which treasure or treasures you want to find and I will email you the clues and area of the treasure. Also when you become a member please come back to the site and sign up for emails and also when I see you have joined from pay pal I will send you a email listing the treasures so you can tell me if you want to look for one or all of them. Thanks and Have a Great Day!

P.S. The hunt starts in June 2014 so join now and get all the latest and greatest news and up dates there will be a limited number of members allowed to join so join now and don't get left out!


I hope to see you soon on the trails and finding some awesome treasures.


UPDATE 27 May 2014 I have hidden a treasure at least 24 more to go I will start sending out email clues in June exactly when not sure but hoping by the 15th as I need more people to join and also time to finish hiding treasures.

Update 7 June 2014 I have a Treasure hidden close to a town in the mountains of Colorado close to a national monument, Also one in the moutians close to a historic site, I have a Treasure hidden in Utah off a major Highway heading towards AZ, I have a Treasure hidden out side of Las Vegas NV on top of a Mount, I have a Treasure Hidden close to the Nevada Ca Border on the CA Side I have a treasure hidden someplace in the mountains of southern CA I have a treasure hidden in AZ close to a historic town, I have a Treasure hidden in AZ close to a big city in the hills, I have a Treasure hidden in the four corners all states of the corners, I have a Treasure hidden in NM in the mountains close to Raton , I have a Treasure hidden in the border area of Colorado and NMJoin now for clues to all these treasure begining the 15th of June Via e mail to you.






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