We have the only program around where you can obtain an ounce of Gold for only $225.00. That's a total no brainier for Only $225.00 and a little time you can get One Ounce of .999 Pure Gold!! or a Pound of Silver  (As of  January 2013 An ounce of gold sells for $,1658.00 to $1,680.00 and  a Pound of Silver sells for $381.96 to $392.00)

NOTE: Due to the extreme value and popularity of this offer, Now is the time to join while we still have space for you! Act now don't regret delaying your chance to Get pure gold or silver now at these incredible prices!

How we can do this?  Very simple from the buying power of our club!

How Can I buy a Ounce of Gold for only $225.00 or a pound of Silver for only $85.00? Easy just decide What level you can afford either the Gold Level for $225.00 or the Silver Level for $85.00

When  you come in at the Gold Level you are guaranteed at least  one gram of Gold and the ability to get One Ounce of .999 pure gold. Or come in at the Silver Level and you are guaranteed at least one ounce of silver with the ability to obtain one pound. NOTE: We have all gold and silver on hand in our special Vault at our local security company.

 How hard is it to obtain my.999 Pure Ounce of Gold or pound of silver?   This is fairly easy for most people to accomplish; as all you have to do;  by using facebook friends, Twitter, free classified ads and relatives is invite people to Obtain a Ounce of Gold or Pound of Silver just like you.

Once you  have 20 people join you by going through the web page we design and assign for you, and using the above methods (which based on past experience; with a truly no brainier program such as this you will have no trouble having  20 other people  join you to get an Ounce of Gold or Pound of Silver ) You then request your Ounce of .999 pure Gold worth over $1,600.000 and it only cost you $225.00 or your pound of Silver which only cost you $85.00 and worth over $380.00.  It is inexpensive to join as all it takes is less then 15 minutes a day and your initial cost for your first gram of pure gold and administrative set up cost.

Once I get my gold bar can I get more? Yes all you have to do is just obtain 20 more people to join you.  With over 3 billion people worldwide and word of mouth by posting on your face book and twitter you can easily secure over 16 ounces of gold worth over $26,400 and that's for hardly doing anything! The more people who join using the site we provide the more you get just think of the possibilities!!

Terms and conditions apply for this program.

SPECIAL NOTE: Gold expected to rise to $5000.00 per ounce and Silver to $1200.00 per pound so you have a lot to Gain don't delay Join us now before it is to late!!

As a special Bonus.... All members are entered into our yearly drawing automatically once you join us; where you can win,  for free A Valuable Emerald Worth over $5,000.00

HOW DO I JOIN? Just click the Button on Right for which ever level Either Gold or Silver you want to come in at. Make payment and once payment has been received by us you will receive a email with your special page link as well as information on the program.

If you would rather pay by Western Union or through a Walmart Pay Center or by mail. Contact us by writing to us at email to let us know which alternative method you want to use and we will provide you with all the information.




Privacy Statement

We do not sell any of your private information at any time nor will we release any information to anyone at any time unless required by Law.